About King Overman

Hidden away in a quiet Manchester suburb, King Overman is busy creating huge life-size basketball portraits.  He started the project in 2021 and is an acclaimed former musician and DJ :

"My journey into painting hasn't been the most conventional. I was a typical arty kid, but after college I was seduced by electronic music.  This led to 20 amazing years as a music producer and DJ, releasing a ton of music and performing around the world.  However this came to an abrupt halt in 2019, with a cancer diagnosis and then long period of recovery.

I rediscovered art in 2021.  A lifelong fascination with basketball gave me the simple idea to paint these athletes life-size. It was just a way to get started painting, but I’ve stuck with the concept.  The large scale is fascinating, as well as experminenting with colour, collage and pop culture.  Best of all, it has kept me sane on the road to recovery.

My aim with this series is to bring enjoyment to sports and art fans alike.  I'm dedicated to improving and refining, to create paintings that will increase in value over time for my buyers.  I also have an active community on Tiktok, where I take requests on who to paint next.  For those curious, King Overman is a new alias for my art, not linked to my music..." 

To reach out to King Overman- for press, commissions or anything else, get in touch.