Hidden away in a quiet Manchester suburb, King Overman is busy creating huge life-size paintings.  He only started painting in 2021 and is a 
former noted musician and DJ.


King Overman is a British artist.  He is currently painting ‘Ballers’, a series of unique lifesize portraits around the theme of Basketball. 

Collectors of his art include acclaimed film director Spike Lee and NBA Hall of Famer, Dominique Wilkins. His commissions include work for the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  He also has a popular TikTok channel, with many videos exceeding millions of views.

His journey into art is a recent one. He started painting in March 2021, while recovering from cancer.  Prior to this, he was an electronic music DJ and producer for 20 years.  With the artist name 'Adesse Versions', he worked with Leftfield, Afrika Bambaata, DJ Hell, Kerri Chandler and many other dance music icons.  As a DJ he toured the world many times over, performing across Europe, Asia and the US.     

As a visual artist, King Overman works in painting and sculpture.  His style is bold and colourful, influenced by both classical portraiture and street art. The techniques he uses are also shaped by the therapeutic function painting has in his life.  His series ‘Hands’ involved painting life-size hand portraits directly onto 12” records of his own music. 


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