Hidden away in a quiet Manchester suburb, King Overman is busy creating huge life-size paintings.  
He is a British artist who has overcome extreme adversities to establish his name in a very short amount of time.

King Overman is best known for his series "Ballers", a collection of life-size Basketball portraits.  These large works are inspired by classical portraiture in photography and art, also the boldness and color of street art.

His art has attracted the interest of millions on his TikTok channel, where he showcases the creation of many of his pieces from start to finish.  His work is collected by notable figures in media and sports, including filmmaker Spike Lee and NBA legend, Dominique Wilkins.  

A late starter in the art world, he took up the paintbrush in his mid forties.  Prior to this, Overman had been a DJ and music producer for twenty years, touring internationally across Europe, Asia and the US. 

His art journey only began in 2021 while recovering from the double impact of Cancer and Sepsis, which had destroyed his health and previous music career.  He initially started painting as a form of therapy.  Within 12 months he was already attracting prestigious collectors.

King Overman continues to paint, despite ongoing health challenges.  His story is a testament to the transformative power of art and how it can turn a difficult life into something with purpose and meaning. 

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